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hey everyone. i'm amanda. and mike is a weirdo.

random order --

death blooms - mudvayne
everytime - britney spears
saturday night - misfits
this time imperfect - afi
world so cold - mudvayne
rainy day - guster
heaven tonight - him
blue and yellow - the used
here and now - nsync
change - good charlotte
dyer maker - led zeppelin
crazy - aerosmith
i want you to want me - cheap trick
come on eileen - dexy's midnight runners
oh what a night - frankie vallie and the four seasons
last dance with mary jane - tom petty
the scientist - coldplay
wicked game - him remake
unchained melody - the righteous brothers
i'll stand by you - the pretenders

damn, there's more. it's a really slim list. my musical taste bounces all over the place. it's crazy. if i think of more, i'll get them up here.

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